Damage to the windshield is arguably quite common. If the repair costs a lot of money, what are the alternatives? Visibility is very important in terms of driving safety. Although the windshield element is a big enemy of car designers, in fact, the existence of windshield remains a concern for car manufacturers.

The types of damage to the windshield are varied, ranging from minor scratches to fairly heavy damage such as hitting hard objects. Because of frequent events, it is necessary to alternative to reduce the cost of repairs. By doing the windshield repair itself, the vehicle owner will benefit because the costs are lower and still be able to use the original manufacturer’s windshield.

But before making car windshield repair, it is better we must know the type and cause of damage. This is so there is no error in handling. You must also smart in choosing the best windshield service to repair or replace your car windshield. The windshield replacement Scottsdale is one of the best windshield services that you must consider.

The following are the types of damage that often occurs in windshields.


Mold is a problem that is often found sticking to the windshield. The growth of this fungus is due to the oxidation process of acidic substances contained in water.

To get rid of mold is not too difficult. You can get rid of it by cleaning with ordinary windshield cleaners that are sold in the market. But before that, choose a cleansing soap that does not contain acids. The content can be seen in the composition of the soap whether there is acid (acid) or not.

Acidic substances are abrasive materials that are able to soften windshield. In long-term use, the windshield pores will enlarge and actually make holes cause leaks.

Smooth Scratches

Scratches on the windshield are also common. Scratches often appear on the windshield of the front of the car due to the condition of the rubber wiper that has hardened. To get rid of fine scratches on this windshield, experts in detail are needed. Usually, the windshield detailing workshops use a scraping method to get a new layer of the windshield, so that scratches can be lost.

Corrugated Car Windshield

Associated with the use of acid (acid), the damage that will be caused is spots or corrugated the windshield. Acid substances that enter the layers of the windshield and eventually eroded even cause stains can be difficult to repair.

To repair the damage to the windshield contained white spots (spots) are still relatively easy because it does not require erosion of the windshield that is too deep. But it’s another matter in fixing corrugated windshield; more difficult and has to go to a garage. They must flatten one full windshield and require repairs ranging from 4 to 5 hours.

Not only that, if spots or waves are on the edge, usually the workshop will be reluctant to do it because the risk of rupture will be higher due to thermal expansion. The maximum edge can be fixed only two fingers from the edge.

Cracked Windshield

Hit by gravel splashing and making cracked windshield seems to have been experienced by most car owners. But take it easy, because this damage can be repaired. But there is a maximum limit to the length of the rift. If the crack on the windshield is more than 5 cm, that means the windshield is better replaced immediately.

The way to repair this cracked windshield is by inserting liquid windshield or you can say patch it back. Therefore, the windshield must be drilled so that there is a hole for windshield to be inserted.

After waiting for about half an hour for the windshield search to enter the location of the cracked windshield, then the process of equalization using a film layer. The last process is heating by using UV light so that the liquid windshield can blend with the windshield.

Know What Damage Often Attacks Your Windshield