Are you looking for a good car full of space to take your family from airport to destination? Or you might be planning for a road trip with your best buddies. All you need a nice car that offers plenty of room inside and sufficient luggage space. In car rental express, you can find all type of cars as per your choice and requirement.

Why Rent from Car Rental Express?

Car Rental Express offers you a great choice as per your requirement of cars. They know the variations people ask for. You can get all kind of cars whether it is party need or vacation with family and friends. You can compare the price with other car rental companies to check the quality of the deal in car rental express. You can book a car just going to the official website of car rental express.

Car rental express allows you an access to car rental booking engine that have listed all the agencies with their price and policies. So you can easily find the best deal in car renting service.

What are the age criteria to rent a car?

Almost all the car rental companies have their policy for the drivers. The drivers must have reached the age of 25 years old. The age less than 25 years is regarded as underage drivers. And in most of the car rental companies, underage drivers are denied. Or they allow implying some extra charges. But the as the policy differs from company to company, some car rental companies allow under age drivers to take their car without applying any extra fees.

Is rental car insurance necessary?

To rent a car from any car rental company you have to show the car rental insurance papers. If your own car insurance covers the rental car insurance then you rent car. If it does not cover the rental car insurance, you have to buy rental car insurance from the car rental company.

What you need to pick up car?

Along with the rental car insurance you must have show the original copy of driving license. In case you are the citizen of a country other than United States, you may have to show International Driving Permit. In most the companies, driving license and insurance are enough to rent cars. But as the different company has different policy, you may present some other documents. You can read full policy on the website of any company to be sure.

What about the fuel policy?

The car rental companies have mainly two types of fuel policy. Some offer you full tank fuel at the picking up of car and tell to maintain the full tank fuel at the dropping off. They do not charge for the fuel. In that case, you are buying fuel from the outside. But some companies give full tank of fuel and charge for it at the beginning. No matter if you use full tank fuel in your entire journey, you are paying it.

You should go with the first option so that you can pay what you are using.

How to Book a Cheap Car Rental Service